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Hello, you’ve reached my personal webpage where I share information around my career as a developer, talk about projects going on in my software company SOFTOPIA LTD based in Brighton & Hove, share my side personal projects, and in general talk about things that interest me. A bit about me, well I’m a Software Engineer, with a BSc from the Technical University – Sofia (Distinction) and a couple of MSc(s), one from my undergrad University (Distinction) and the second from the University of Bristol (Merit). When I am not programming I love to dive, and am a certified rescue diver. Whenever I get the chance to, I also kayak or windsurfing. I enjoy travelling and have had some really lasting memories travelling all over Europe, and bits of Asia. Natural next destinations would be the Americas, more of Asia, and maybe Africa. Ideally I would love to own a boat and sail around the world, however back to reality I’ve worked in medium to large software companies, contracted for my company, as well as deployed personal projects. My contact details are somewhere on this webpage so feel free to reach out.

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4/9/2016 3:36:00 PM

My first lego Mindstorm Ev3 console app

It was interesting experimenting with the intelligent brick and the software that comes with it. (EV3 PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE (PC/MAC))
Much more interesting is to get a library which allows .net developers to write c# code to "talk" directly with the device.

The library https://github.com/velchev/legoev3 is available in github but also there is a nuget package for that.

Here is my simple first app: https://github.com/velchev/LegoMindstormEv3

Now is an initial setup that moves a servo. I will try to modify it so it executes commands from the command line will see how it ...

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